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web traffic guru
1 Июнь, 2023 09:34
📱 New iPhone

The iPhone 15 Pro concept with an additional screen on the back panel.
#iphone #iphone15pro #15pro
web traffic guru
29 Май, 2023 13:17
Nvidia surprises again. The company presented a demo version of the game with its AI technology. Now NPCs will not look like stupid dummies, but will be able to adapt to the player's questions and generate answers using neurons. At the same time, the user himself can ask any leading questions into the microphone.

Immersiveness reaches a new level
#Nvidia #NPC #AI
web traffic guru
27 Май, 2023 16:14
web traffic guru
25 Май, 2023 10:43
🕵️♂️ Specialists of the company Unciphered, focused on developments in the field of cybersecurity, managed to hack the model T of the Trezor cold wallet manufactured by Satoshi Labs.

The programmers posted the proof on YouTube, where the team shows the process of extracting the seed phrase from Trezor.
web traffic guru
24 Май, 2023 21:55
🪦💸🏃‍♂️ Interesting video about the "Rat Race"
web traffic guru
23 Май, 2023 19:02
OpenAI has released 38 new plugins for ChatGPT.

Among them is the ability to get a neuron to find you a job and an analysis of the online stores you are interested in for the best price, and even ... a game of tic-tac-toe.

All these plugins are already available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.
web traffic guru
22 Май, 2023 19:54
✨ Creative packaging

When you order a camouflage gamepad from PlayStation, you can't see it in the clear box. How so? That's why it's camouflage.
web traffic guru
19 Май, 2023 07:41
Tesla's Optimus robot has progressed significantly since its last presentation: it can now walk slowly and pick up objects on its own, as well as recognize objects.

A robot butler, like in the movies, is just around the corner. Well almost...
web traffic guru
10 Май, 2023 12:43
📱 The future is already near

One company demonstrated how modern online stores will work. Things can almost be tried on live.
web traffic guru
9 Май, 2023 11:17
A typical day in 2023: a robot, a human, and a 3D character watching a soccer match between robots and humans.
web traffic guru
8 Май, 2023 14:23
Another juicy Apple commercial that looks more like a movie trailer. There are tons of special effects and familiar characters.

Well, it advertises the Apple Arcade game subscription, which is a great way to escape from reality for a while. All you need is a smartphone and a couple of extra dollars on the card. #appl
web traffic guru
4 Май, 2023 20:56
Nvidia are preparing to present a revolutionary new neural network at the conference Siggraph 2023 - with its help it will be able to simulate realistic hair physics, and not only.

In general, the conference promises to be promising, because Nvidia should present at it more than 19 research papers.
web traffic guru
2 Май, 2023 21:54
The Daisy recycling robot, capable of crushing and recycling more than a million iPhones in a year.

The company uses all the components obtained after processing every year for the production and release of new models.
web traffic guru
29 Апрель, 2023 12:47
Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for the movie "Transformers: The Rise of the St. John's Wort".

The action of the tape unfolds in 1994. The film will feature both familiar heroes — Optimus Prime and Bumblebee — and new robot animals.

Premiere — June 9.
web traffic guru
24 Апрель, 2023 08:01
web traffic guru
24 Апрель, 2023 08:01
web traffic guru
24 Апрель, 2023 08:01
A Flux Keyboard with an IPS screen and keys that "fly" on magnets was introduced on Kickstarter.

The owner will be able to change the picture on the display, and the keys can be customized for any OS and language. At the same time, it can be further customized with plug-in blocks.

Sales are promised to start in 2024 at a price of $450.
web traffic guru
20 Апрель, 2023 07:57