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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
30 Март, 2023 09:10
Business Development Intern
#удаленка #remote
Company: Gelato Network

- Technical selling experience, preferably in B2B infrastructure solutions.
- Ability to explain complex technical problems in simple and innovative ways
- Well-organized with strong time management skills and proactive personality
- Experience using CRMs like Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc
- Track record of overachieving your goals
- Comfortable in fast-paced environments
- Strong interest in DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs
- Bonus: Experience in web3
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
29 Март, 2023 17:10
Blockchain Developer (senior)
#офис #office
Company: Tuofan IT
Location: Hong Kong

- Participate in the technical solutions and full development life cycle
- Perform hands-on design, prototypes and proof-of-concepts and development as required in blockchain technologies or any other technologies
- Develop and deploy different types of Smart Contracts including tokens, marketplaces, escrow contracts and game mechanics
- Prepare documents on design specification, deployment guide and user guide, etc.
- Develop blockchain related API application and frontend interface for different projects

- 3-5 years hands-on experience with Blockchain technology
- Minimum 2 years working experience in technologies include, but not limited to: Vue JS , React, Node.JS, Golang
- Experience developing Ethereum contracts with Solidity
- Coding with languages such as Solidity, Golang, Node.js, Python
- Knowledge of tools like Ethereum related tools like truffle, geth etc.
- Good understanding of algorithms, data structures, cryptography and smart contract security practices
- Fresh graduates will also be considered, candidates with more experience will be considered as a senior developer candidate
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
29 Март, 2023 10:01
Всем привет!

Мы создали канал на YouTubeканал на YouTube, куда будем заливать все вебинары, подписывайтесь чтобы не потерять 🎈

И ловите #вебинар, который провёл Илья в прошлую пятницу
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
29 Март, 2023 09:10
С++ developer (middle)
#удаленка #remote #relocate #переезд
Company: NIL

- Development, optimization, and maintenance of proof system verification to third-party systems (in particular EVM)
- Optimization, and maintenance of native proof system implementation (C++)

- MS with major in Applied Math/cryptography
- Knowledge of cryptographic algorithms and primitives
- 2-3 years of C++ experience is required
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
28 Март, 2023 21:00
В эту пятницу на канале IT Jobs выйдет вебинар одного из наших подписчиков на тему: «За год с 0 до первого оффера - самостоятельное обучение VS оффлайн-буткемп»

Спикер: Илья, в прошлом - event-менеджер и продавец автомобилей, ныне - junior frontend developer
Дата: 31.03
Время: 19:00
IT Jobs IT Jobs

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
28 Март, 2023 17:10
Solidity Engineer (senior)
#удаленка #remote
Salary: $120k - $230k
Company: GammaSwap Labs

-Design and build complex automated strategies using vaults
- Envision and develop features to help build new applications
- Implement algorithms developed for our novel AMM
- Collaborate with the team and cross-functional partners on all aspects of product development.
- Identify and advocate for team-wide areas of improvement and best practices.
-Mentor team members to refine their technical and architectural skills.
- Take a security first approach to smart contract development

- Experience owning and shipping multiple products
- 3+ years of industry experience in software engineering preferably in a low level language like C++
- Basic Solidity understanding, preferably with at least one project shipped to mainnet
- Ability to quickly iterate and ship code using test-driven development patterns
- Experience with version control, such as Git
- Knowledge of engineering best practices such as continuous integration
- Exceptional judgment, problem-solving skills, and an analytical mindset
- Ability to work in areas beyond your comfort zone and motivated by personal growth
- A passion for learning and a self-awareness of your learning style

Contact: dgoodkin@gammaswap.com
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
28 Март, 2023 09:10
Backend Engineer (junior)
#удаленка #remote
Company: SideShift

- Design, build, and maintain SideShift.ai.
- Take ownership of certains aspects of the SideShift.ai backend.
- Ship. Your ideas will make it into live products in no time.

- Junior level experience working with tools such as TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Redis and GraphQL.
- Hungry to learn and comfortable taking initiative.
- Strong interest in working on a cryptocurrency product.
- Able to join team meetings in EU/Asia timezones (but we try to avoid meetings as much as possible).
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
27 Март, 2023 17:10
Frontend Engineer (senior)
#удаленка #remote
Company: Incept

- Build out well-tested frontend and backend systems for our core web product.
- Articulate a long-term technical direction and vision for maintaining and scaling our web product.
- Shepherd technical infrastructure for an ambitious product roadmap.
- Help reinforce security, availability, and scalability in our software infrastructure.
- Create trustworthy user experiences by building interfaces that are simple,
easy to comprehend, performant and reliable using modern tools like
- React and Typescript.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Ability to understand as well as explain complex ideas to stakeholders of varying levels of technical experience.
- Work with technologies that directly interface with the Solana blockchain

- Fluency in English
- At least 4+ year(s) of experience working at a reputable tech company or startup
- Experience architecting and building scalable, well-engineered Web2 or Web3 products
- Familiarity with complex React state management systems (React Context, Redux, Zustand, etc)
- You are a fast learner who can quickly master new technologies
- Self organizing, responsible and focused on fast execution
- Value aligned: a belief in open source code, free & accessible markets
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
27 Март, 2023 09:10
Full Stack Developer (junior)
#удаленка #remote
Company: Battlefly

- Develop and maintain applications using Node.js, TypeScript, NestJS, Next.js, and CSS.
- Collaborate with team members on project delivery.
- Utilize AWS DevOps for deployment, monitoring, and maintenance.
- Stay current with Web3 technologies and integrate them into our platform.

- 1-3 years of software development experience, focusing on backend and frontend technologies.
- Proficiency in Node.js, TypeScript, NestJS, Next.js, and CSS.
- Familiarity with AWS DevOps best practices.
- Strong problem-solving skills and ability to learn quickly.
- Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
- Available to work in the Asia, Oceania and/or Pacific Time zone. (UTC 22:00-06:00)
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
27 Март, 2023 06:00
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
26 Март, 2023 17:10
Data Analyst (middle | senior)
#удаленка #remote
Company: Horizon

- Drive impact across the company through visual charts and dashboards using SQL
- Ability to optimize SQL queries to run efficiently, with strong working knowledge of the language
- Understand how to meaningfully segment data, and run cohort analysis
- Deep knowledge of the various ways to present data visually, the pros and cons
- Work cross-functionally with our product, finance, marketing, and biz dev teams
- Bring a critical eye and thought to how graphs and charts can drive impact to teams
- Nice-to-have: Strong understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and related sidechains, their data structures, meta-data, and technical workings

- Expert knowledge of SQL
- Deep familiarity with at least one BI tool like Tableau, Looker, Sigma, etc.
- Technical expertise with SQL optimization
- An interest in Web3, and blockchain technologies
- Experience with a scripting language like Python or R
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
26 Март, 2023 09:10
Project Manager (middle)
#удаленка #remote
Company: Subspace Labs

- 2+ years of experience as a project, program, or technical product manager for an open-source blockchain project.
- 2+ years of experience working with remote-first globally distributed teams.
- Deep understanding of blockchain technology, including cryptography, peer-to-peer networking, and consensus protocols.
- Thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle from conception to delivery, and various project management methodologies.
- Ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously in an open-source way.
- Strong organizational skills, with the ability to gather and document requirements from multiple stakeholders.
- A passion for decentralized, peer-to-peer systems and Web3 technologies.
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
25 Март, 2023 17:10
Golang Engineer (middle | senior)
#удаленка #remote
Salary: $80K
Company: Status

- Design, implement and document Waku Golang libraries (go-waku)
- Maintain, improve, troubleshoot Waku React Native, the React Native wrapper of go-waku
- Implement new protocols as defined by the Research Team
- Investigate and fix issues in go-waku and upstream libraries such as go-libp2p
- Optimize go-waku and upstream libraries for the mobile/React Native
- Support dApp developers in using go-waku and Waku Golang libraries

You ideally will have
- Experience building applications with complex logic, cutting edge technology or applied research
- Ability to learn new concepts and technologies quickly, you are a polyglot
- Open to maintaining a native library for React Native
- Experience building libraries in Golang, for network and mobile environments
- Good communication skills (written and conversational)
- Strong alignment to our principles
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
25 Март, 2023 11:11
HeadHunter не работает. Вы не найдёте там работу — всем нужен опыт, зарплаты маленькие, карьерного роста нет.

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Сделай шаг на встречу мечте и подпишись: @nopremote
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
25 Март, 2023 09:10
Rust Engineer (junior)
#удаленка #remote
Salary: up to 4 000 USD
Company: Gear Technologies Inc

- Some Rust or C/C++ experience.
- Understanding of virtual machines.
- Good computer science fundamentals.
- Cryptography is a +.
- Passion for coding
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
24 Март, 2023 19:36
Завтра на канале IT Jobs выйдет вебинар одного из наших подписчиков на тему: «Как я осуществил свою детскую мечту и стал сеньором с нуля за 4 года»

Спикер: Илья, Senior Java разработчик, основатель компании по заказной разработке ComplexSoftPro
Дата: 25.03
Время: 14:00
IT Jobs IT Jobs

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
24 Март, 2023 17:10
Backend Engineer (senior)
#удаленка #remote
Company: Gala Game

- Collaborate with product managers and others to ideate software solutions
- Translate these business/customer requirements into technical solutions
- Resolve complex technical issues and drive innovations that improve system availability, resilience and performance.
- Design, code, test, debug and document applications using a mix of agile and waterfall development practices
- Working hand-in-hand with front-end developers to ensure successful deployment or solutions
- Testing software to ensure responsiveness and efficiency

- Proven experience as a Senior Backend Engineer or similar role
- Working knowledge of NestJS framework, languages such as Golang and GraphQL, and technologies such as Kubernetes/Docker.
- Degree level qualification in Computer Science, Mathematics or other relatable pursuit
- Natural problem-solver with a keen eye for detail
- An ability to prioritise and work on concurrent multiple projects at any one time.
- An analytical mind
- Self-motivated, stellar work ethic, fun collaborator
- Excited by problem-solving
- Fearless
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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
24 Март, 2023 09:10
Smart Contract and Blockchain Backend Developer (junior)
#удаленка #remote
Company: HashEx

- Writing clear smart contracts code under senior developers supervision
- Writing backend services for smart contract interaction
- Working with existing contracts and implementing new features based on the project roadmap
- Working effectively within a collaboratively minded team

- Understanding of how Blockchains work, especially Ethereum
- Experience in smart contract development with Solidity programming language
- Willingness to learn to write very high-quality, well-tested code
- Passion for Open Finance/ Defi or Trading
- Ability to learn and adapt to a rapidly evolving tech stack
- Strong communication and collaboration skills
- Good written English

Contact: hr@hashex.org
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
23 Март, 2023 17:10
GOLANG developer (middle | senior)
#удаленка #офис
ЗП: от 200 000 до 280 000 ₽
Локация: Санкт-Петербург
Компания: EnjoyPRO

-Дизайн / разработка новых решений на базе нашего API;
-Работа с GCP / GKE / Docker.

-Экспертное владение Golang / Kubernetes / Docker;
-Знание MongoDB / PostgreSQL;
-Опыт работы с gRPC и protobuf;
-Понимание JS / Node.js хотя бы на уровне чтения кода;
-Опыт разработки API для мобильных приложений;
-Уверенное владение Linux / Bash;
-Опыт работы с облачными сервисами AWS или Google Cloud;
-Опыт разработки высоконагруженных сервисов;
-Git / CI / CD.

Контакт: @ana_aart
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
23 Март, 2023 09:10
Blockchain developer (junior)
ЗП: от 20 000₽
Локация: СПБ
Компания: Rock’N’Block

- разработка архитектуры продуктов;
- участие в оценке требований и планировании работ;
- программирование сложных контрактов на solidity;
- работа как над собственными проектами Layer2 и ZK-proof, так и аутсорс контрактами;
- интеграция с существующими компонентами проектов, анализ кода.

- знание основных алгоритмов;
- умение работать с низкоуровнеными структурами данных;
- практический опыт разработки системы с ограниченными ресурсами;
- знание/понимание криптографии с открытым ключом, алгоритмов эллиптической кривой
- наличие общих знаний об устройстве блокчейна и/или шифрования;
- опыт программирования на JavaScript, Python или C/C++ - приветствуется;
- опыт работы с Linux системами, инструментами в командной строке, умение написать shell скрипт;
- наличие знаний или опыта работы с кодовой базой Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle - приветствуется.