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Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
15 июня 2024 г. 20:50
Risk manager
Company: Wallet
Salary: $72k - $112k est.
Build a risk management function and establish a risk committee for regular monitoring of the project's regulatory, financial, and operational status: coordination and preparation of reports for management and regulators on the current state of risks and the effectiveness of measures taken, developing a culture where all project team members are aware of potential risks and participate in their management.
Risk assessment and modeling: identification and analysis of risks that may affect the project, including financial, operational, and legal risks; development and application of alerts and mathematical models for quantitative risk assessment, including risk capital calculation (e.g., VaR, stress testing, scenario analysis, etc.).
Policy creation and implementation: minimising risks, including liquidity and operational controls.
Crisis and incident action plans: development and implementation of action plans for financial, operational, and other crises.
Develop risk management strategy and risk appetite, monitor and develop the risk registers, ensure risk controls are set up by risk owners.
Risk systems delivery and maintenance (in-house, 3rd party tools), and support new product development.
Analyze crypto assets and investment strategies for potential risks and vulnerabilities.
Monitor KRIs against prescribed limits together with the senior stakeholders.
Establish strong working relationships with regulators and auditors on risk-related issues.
Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Risk Management, or a related field.
A Master’s degree or relevant certifications (e.g., FRM, PRM, CFA) is a plus.
Minimum 5 years of experience in risk management, compliance, or a related field within the crypto or financial services industry, experience in the cryptocurrency is highly desirable.
Strong understanding of cryptocurrency exchanges, and blockchain technology, proficiency in risk assessment tools and techniques.
Familiarity with regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements relevant to VASPs, including AML/CFT regulations, proficiency in data analysis and statistical software (e.g., Excel, R, Python, SQL).
Ability to analyze complex data sets and identify potential risks, experience in conducting risk assessments and developing risk management plans.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.
Proficiency in English (at least level B2) is required. Knowledge of Russian is preferred.
Why it is a fantastic opportunity:
Our business is growing at an exponential scale.
Work in a well-funded startup environment with unique growth opportunities and a chance to join a rapidly growing company with a unique product.
Be based remotely.
Participation in the performance review and bonus programme.
Compensation for medical expenses.
Provision of necessary equipment.
Annual vacation of 20 working days plus 10 paid days off.
14 days of paid sick leave to support your health and recovery when needed.
Access to internal English courses for continuous learning and improvement in language skills.
Contact: https://jobs.ton.org/companies/wallet-2/jobs/37464331-risk-manager#content

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
15 июня 2024 г. 18:25
93% мужчин не знают, как вести себя с девушкой на самом деле

Из-за чего девушка охладевает, теряет инетерес, сливается, устраивает сцены, обиды, манипуляции, постоянно что-то требует, в то время, как с другим парнем может потерять дар речи от одного его взгляда, в котором чувствуется уверенность и сила.

Если сталкивался хоть толикой подобных проблем, срочно заходи на канал Творчество Чувств. Тут научат:

— грамотно общаться с девушками и доводить до 🔞
— строить прочные отношения, где девушка ласковая и покорная, а ты — лидер
— сформировать базу мужских принципов, которые помогут во всех направлениях в жизни

Все про отношения и жизненный путь мужчины: t.me/+vf6_xpfzc5tiZDMyt.me/+vf6_xpfzc5tiZDMy
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
15 июня 2024 г. 8:00
Fullstack Software Engineer
Company: HUB.XYZ
Salary: $60k - $100k
Role Summary:

The CTO will be instrumental in driving the technological vision and strategy of Hub.xyz. This role involves documenting features for the development team, conducting research on optimal tools and technologies, and defining the architectural approach for our application. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in UX/UI and product design, coupled with exceptional team management and recruitment skills. It's a chance to be part of an ambitious startup, backed by a team of A-players with strong connections in the Web3 space, and already used by prominent names like Waleswoosh, Cyberkongz, Diesel, Ubisoft, Seedify, Chimpers, etc... This year, we are gearing up for a major step in our company's journey, the launch of our new platform and $HUB token during Q4.
Key Responsibilities:
- Document features comprehensively for the development team.
- Conduct research to identify the best tools and technologies for feature development.
- Define and oversee the architectural approach for the application.
- Ensure optimal UX/UI design and product design standards.
- Lead and manage the development team, ensuring alignment with project goals.
- Participate actively in the recruitment process to build a top-tier development team.
- Stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in Web3 technologies.
Required Skills and Qualifications:
- Extensive experience in a CTO or senior technology leadership role.
- Proven expertise in UX/UI design and product design.
- Strong background in application architecture and technology strategy.
- Demonstrated ability to document and communicate complex features effectively.
- Proficient in managing development teams and driving project execution.
- Experience in recruitment and team building.
- In-depth knowledge of Web3 and blockchain technologies.
- Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to innovate.
Soft Skills:
- Strong leadership and team management abilities.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
- Proactive, innovative, and detail-oriented.
- Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
Contact: https://applicantai.com/hub-xyz/full-stack-software-engineer/678

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
14 июня 2024 г. 18:15
iOS Developer
Company: heyteleport.com
Salary: $126k - $138k est.
Key Responsibilities
Improve and expand features and stability of our iOS rideshare application and crypto wallet.
Work with product and engineering to implement a delightful customer experience based on solid and extensible protocols.
Help define and expand the protocols and APIs used to build the protocol and network.
Develop custom code when needed while relying on third-party libraries and services to save time.
Work with a remote team that is fast-paced and able to quickly adapt to changing requirements.
Potentially work on starting our Android app once the iOS to backend protocol has sufficiently stabilized.
Building subsystems into the apps that allow us to track and monitor app performance, user behavior, and gather vital rideshare-specific data to improve our location search and mapping capabilities.
Become a leader on the team and help us identify, recruit, and train future hires.
Required Skills
Significant professional experience building mobile apps, including deep knowledge of iOS including Objective C, Swift, and SwiftUI.
A strong product sense and passion for iOS UI and UX product development.
Comfortable with a fast-paced startup environment and remote work.
A willingness to understand and internalize the business goals of the company and to make independent decisions and suggestions in the best interest of the team.
A strong working proficiency in English
Ability to deliver quickly and reliably on tasks as discussed in a short 15 minute daily standup meeting.
Huge plus if you also have some familiarity with Android and Kotlin.
Compensation & Benefits
Teleport’s total compensation packages include a competitive mix of salary and equity. A combination of paid time off, sick leave, and flexible work arrangements that allow you to manage your time effectively and balance your work and personal commitments.
Remote First: we encourage you to create the work environment that you thrive in. Our team gets together in person regularly for product sprints and collaboration.
World class health coverage and an HSA available for certain plans.
A generous 401k match.

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
14 июня 2024 г. 8:00
FullStack Developer
Company: heyteleport.com
Salary: $122k - $150k est.
Key Responsibilities
Develop and maintain our rideshare backend and administrative and customer-facing web applications using a stack comprising of Go, React, and Typescript.
Work with the team to maintain Docker and deployment / continuous integration / testing using cloud services like AWS and Github.
Manage and optimize databases using Postgres.
Ensure code quality, security, and responsiveness of applications.
This is a role for someone who can move between different parts of the code and pick up new tools and languages quickly.
Required Skills
Proven experience as a full-stack developer using Go, React, Typescript, and Postgres.
Strong experience with AWS cloud services.
Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work in a team environment.
Strong understanding of the entire web development process (design, development, and deployment).
Aware of Security best practices and Test-driven development.
Nice-to-Have Experiences
Experience with blockchain or cryptocurrency technologies.
Familiarity with mobile development using Swift and/or Kotlin.
Understanding of systems level programming with languages such as C, Assembler, C++, Rust.
Compensation & Benefits
Teleport’s total compensation packages include a competitive mix of salary and equity.
A combination of paid time off, sick leave, and flexible work arrangements that allow you to manage your time effectively and balance your work and personal commitments.
100% remote; we encourage you to create the work environment that you thrive in.
World class health coverage and an HSA available for certain plans.
A generous 401k match.
Contact: https://jobs.solana.com/companies/heyteleport-com/jobs/37543097-full-stack-developer#content

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
13 июня 2024 г. 18:00
Technical Product Manager
Company: Klink Finance
Salary: $68k - $148k est.
Role Responsibilities
Drive product strategy and execution across Klink’s website, mobile, and web app, ensuring alignment with overall business goals.
Collaborate independently and with cross-functional teams, including Tech, Marketing and Design, to develop and launch new features, campaigns, and user experiences.
Be the bridge between the Founders vision and the technical execution.
Stay updated about relevant trends and changes across the web3 ecosystem to ensure highest attractiveness of the Klink application.
Analyze user feedback and data to iterate and improve the product, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for users.
We do not focus on the time you have spent sitting in the lecture halls of this world but we want to understand what makes you feel comfortable, extraordinarily motivated and suitable to take over this position. We are looking for a team member who feels comfortable working remotely and in English in an international environment with a self-driven “Get stuff done” mindset.
What skills do you bring?
4+ years of professional experience in product management/ product ownership, preferably within web3 or fintech sectors.
Strong portfolio showcasing a foundation in product development, user experience, and strategic planning.
Expertise in using product management tools such as JIRA, Asana, or similar.
Excellent communication skills, with the ability to work with diverse teams in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
Proven track record of leading product initiatives from conception to launch.
Strong analytical skills and the ability to use data to drive decision-making.
Why you should join us
Join at an executive level and be involved in decisions that shape the company’s brand and feel
Work with us from Berlin or remotely and enjoy regular team events and occasional travel across the globe
Competitive salary and token incentives
Take a trip with a forming team of highly skilled individuals who will always support you on this journey
Contact: https://join.com/companies/klinkfinance/11511303-technical-product-manager-at-blockchain-startup-crypto-app

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
13 июня 2024 г. 14:10
Привет! Мы — Web3 memecoin trading стартап.
Мы активно набираем звёздную команду с выходом в ближайшие дни.

Кого мы ищем
Мы создаём продукты, от которых кайфуем сами. Хотим найти близкого к нам по духу человека.

Идеальный кандидат - это опытный профессионал с доказанным опытом по формированию сообществ в Web3, который сможет поделиться своими кейсами и опытом с нашей командой. Эта роль требует высокого уровня владения английским языком, компетенций и работы в режиме стартапа.

Основные скилы:
1. Подтверждённый опыт работы в роли Community manager / Content manager в web3.0 проекте;
2. Развитие площадок (twitter, telegram, Discord)
3. Активное участие в других коммьюнити, связанных с криптой;
4. Глубокое понимание рынка web3.0 и нарративов;
5. Английский must have (уверенный B2 / C1);
6. Грамотность, умение общаться и вести диалог с пользователями;
7. Внимание к деталям, высокий уровень ответственности;
8. Быстрая реакция на коммуникацию в чатах, спам;

Чем предстоит заниматься:
- Создавать интересные посты и видео: писать посты, придумывать цепляющие визуалы, которые расскажут о нашей криптоигре и захватят внимание;
- Создавать конкурсы и гивы для продвижения
- Общаться в соцсетях: помогать людям узнать больше о нашем проекте, отвечая на вопросы и создавая дружелюбную атмосферу в комьюнити;
- Исследовать мир криптовалют: следить за новостями криптовалют и игр, чтобы наши стратегии и контент всегда были актуальными;
- Пробовать новое: использовать новые платформы и инструменты для продвижения нашего проекта;
- Анализировать результаты: смотреть, как люди реагируют на наши посты и акции, и делать выводы, чтобы улучшить наш подход;

Что мы ждем от кандидата:

- Опыт работы пр созданию сообществ и ведению социальных сетей в индустрии криптовалют или игр;
- Доказанный опыт взаимодействия с криптой и web3
- Уровень английского - В2-C1;
- Способность красиво и интересно выражать свои мысли;
- Хорошо ладить с людьми и быть командным игроком;
- Готовность работать фуллтайм на удалёнке.

Зоны ответственности:
- Создавать цепляющие посты для телеграм канала на английском языке;
- Публикация материалов на сторонних ресурсах / кросспостинг;
- Увеличение трафика по размещенным статьям;
- Работать в связке с отделом маркетинга;
- Гест-постинг;
- Собирать и анализировать данные по эффективности данных маркетинговых активностей

Условия для тебя:
- Конкурентоспособная заработная плата с фиксированной ставкой. Мы готовы к высокой оплате для звёзд и суперзвёзд.
- Новый проект, в котором у тебя будет возможность влиять на продукт, а твоя инициатива не останется незамеченной.
- 100% удалёнка из любой точки планеты.
- Молодая и эмпатичная команда, способная в самоиронию. С нами комфортно общаться, обмениваться смешными стикерами и шутить на созвонах

Как откликнуться:
Пожалуйста, отправь своё резюме и сопроводительное письмо, в котором расскажи о своём опыте работы.
Обязательно укажи причины, по которым ты будешь отличным кандидатом на эту роль.

Контакт для отклика: @cto_takoe_escapada
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
13 июня 2024 г. 10:10
ПСБ цифровая лаборатория — это ИТ-блок ПСБ, одного из крупнейших банков в стране.
Ребята разрабатывают и совершенствуют продукты ПСБ, которыми пользуются миллионы людей. Присоединяйся к команде и участвуй в создании финтех-сервисов.
На сайте ПСБ цифровая лаборатория ты узнаешь:
- какие в банке есть ИТ-направления
- с каким стеком работают
- какие бонусы и льготы есть для сотрудников
- чем занимаются айтишники вне офиса
- что надо сделать, чтобы попасть в команду

Разделяешь ценности и подход к работе? Оставляй резюме на сайте!

Реклама. ООО "ПСБ ЛАБ". ИНН 7714436892.
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
13 июня 2024 г. 8:00
Senior Research Engineer
#удаленка #senior
Company: Warlock Labs Inc
Salary: $174k - $274k
What You'll Do:
Investigate new opportunities and strategies in the MEV and DeFi ecosystem
Analyze complex protocols, smart contracts, and market dynamics
Gather, curate & analyze data within the MEV space to drive product decisions and outcomes
Develop models and simulations to validate strategies and optimizations
Author technical papers, blog posts, and research summaries
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement findings
Present research at internal meetings, workshops and industry events
Stay at the bleeding edge of MEV, DeFi, and adjacent fields
What We're Looking For:
Experience with at least one: Solidity, Typescript, Rust or Python
Deep understanding of MEV, DeFi, game theory and mechanism design
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
Proactive, self-directed work ethic
Passion for advancing the state-of-the-art in MEV and DeFi
Bonus Points:
Advanced degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or related field
Experience in algorithmic trading or HFT
Research track record in cryptoeconomics, DeFi or blockchain scalability
Open-source contributions or independent research publications
Contact: https://applicantai.com/warlock-labs-inc/senior-research-engineer/665

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
12 июня 2024 г. 18:00
Blockchain Engineer
Company: Starboard
Salary: $80k - $140k
Design, develop and maintain blockchain-based applications and smart contracts using popular programming languages such as Solidity, Rust, Golang, etc.
Collaborate with the team to identify and prioritize blockchain application features and functionalities
Design and implement secure, scalable, and reliable back-end systems for blockchain applications
Work on front-end development when needed
Work with the team to continuously improve product user experience and performance
Stay up-to-date with the latest blockchain technologies and best practices
Connect with the developer community and collaborate with engineering teams within the ecosystem
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field
At least 5 years of professional experience in software engineering, with substantial exposure to blockchain/Web3 technologies
Extensive experience in blockchain or backend programming languages such as Solidity, Golang, or Rust
Knowledge in at least one modern web development framework (e.g., React, Angular, Vue.js)
Experience with cloud-based architecture and deployment (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
Strong understanding of software security principles and best practices
Familiarity with agile software development methodologies
Excellent problem-solving and communication skills
Great product and business sense
Contact: https://applicantai.com/starboard/blockchain-engineer/670

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
12 июня 2024 г. 8:00
DeFi Analyst and Instructor
Company: Yieldschool
Salary: $40k - $110k
We are seeking a highly-experienced DeFi native with a passion for educating/teaching to join our team and host weekly live sessions going over different ways our members can earn and invest in the decentralized markets.
You will be basing the lessons off of our program to show more practical applications of what we teach. Some example topics include liquidity provision, borrow/lend strategies, airdrop farming, staking, or simply investing in a protocol that has great potential.
Lead Group Calls: Host weekly Tuesday calls, providing expert guidance and support to our members.
Impartial Guidance: Provide unbiased support, avoiding favoritism toward any specific protocol or ecosystem.
Answer questions in our Discord server: Help answering our members’ questions, offer insights and share news and opportunities
DeFi Expertise: Deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of decentralized finance and the overall crypto markets; experience conducting research and fundamental analysis on projects
Excellent Communication and People Skills: Ability to explain complex topics in a way that is easy to understand for beginners. Many of our members are middle-aged adults, they will be needing clear, straightforward explanations to a lot of technical/crypto jargon and a lot of patience from you as their instructor
Critical Thinking Skills, Impartiality, and Level-headedness: Ability to provide unbiased advice and support and ability to navigate different market conditions
Experience hosting webinars or teaching (preferred)
Contact: sofi@yieldschool.com

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
11 июня 2024 г. 18:00
Head of Web3 Marketing
#удаленка #lead
Company: OpenServ
Salary: $60k - $120k
About the role:
Salary: $60k - $120k
About the role:
As the Head of Web3 Marketing, you will be at the forefront of our efforts to build and engage a dynamic and dedicated community of Web3 stakeholders. Your mission is to cultivate a loyal following through innovative marketing strategies and community-building initiatives across various social platforms such as Discord, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and more. This is a unique opportunity to shape the voice and culture of our brand in the Web3 space. Your leadership and vision will drive the growth and engagement of our community, fostering deep connections and long-term loyalty among our audience.
Key Responsibilities:
Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on building and engaging the Web3 community.
Lead the growth and management of social media channels such as Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and other relevant platforms.
Create and execute community-building initiatives, including AMAs, webinars, social media campaigns, contests and more.
Monitor and analyze community engagement metrics to optimize strategies and improve performance.
Collaborate with the development team to align community initiatives and establish frequent communication on product updates and launches.
Build and maintain relationships with key influencers, partners, and stakeholders in the Web3 x AI space.
Identify and collaborate with leaders and projects in the Web3 x AI space for cross-promotion and partnership opportunities.
Organize and participate in events, both virtual and physical, to promote community engagement and brand awareness.
Develop content strategies to produce engaging and relevant content for the community, including blog posts, videos, newsletters, podcasts and more.
Collaborate with Head of Marketing to ensure all marketing materials and channels maintain brand identity consistency.
Align and collaborate with the Head of Marketing to achieve broader marketing goals.
Stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the Web3, AI, and blockchain space to inform marketing strategies.
Bachelor’s/Master’s in Marketing, or related field.
6+ Years experience in tech marketing (Startup and SaaS experience preferred).
3+ Years of working experience in Web3.
Proven track record of successfully cultivating a strong community around a Web3 project, managing marketing campaigns and public relations within the crypto community.
Broad understanding of blockchain technology, AI, Autonomous Agents, and their intersection.
Excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.
Ability to work within the broader marketing guidelines set by the Head of Marketing.
Experience in team management and content strategy in the Web3 space.
Adaptability to a dynamic and evolving industry.
Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Ability to work independently.
Native or fluent in English.
🚀 Why Join Us:
Be part of a visionary team driving the future of autonomous AI agents.
Work on challenging and impactful projects that push the boundaries of AI.
Work with a diverse, talented, and driven team in a dynamic startup environment.
Enjoy a flexible work environment with opportunities for growth and innovation.
Fully remote work opportunity within ±3 hours of CET.
Flexible compensation for the right candidate.
Contact: https://applicantai.com/openserv/head-of-web3-marketing/671

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
11 июня 2024 г. 8:00
Senior Backend Engineer
#удалена #Senior
Company: Kwenta
Salary: $100k - $150k
API design & development
Backend server architecture
Deployment and DevOps setup
Data storage and management
Wiring test suites
Help with product scoping and writing specifications
Experience in designing, architecting and implementing a backend system / API
Experience working with subgraphs and indexing blockchain data
Experience interacting with smart contracts and blockchains (ethers.js, viem, web3.py, etc..)
Experience working with databases such as PostgreSQL
Familiarity with containerization and orchestration
Familiarity with system monitoring tools
Nice to have
Extensive experience in DeFi
Understanding of the Synthetix protocol
Experience working on an exchange API
Experience building keepers
Have used The Graph or equivalent
Typescript or JS background
Salary range: 100k-150k USD
Auto-staked KWENTA token package
Generous vacation
Health insurance benefits
Contact: https://applicantai.com/kwenta/senior-backend-engineer/672

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
10 июня 2024 г. 18:00
Social Media Manager
Company: Oh
Salary:$56k - $60k
Role Overview:
We are seeking a passionate and innovative Social Media Manager with experience in the crypto and Web3 space. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter and fast worker who can handle multiple responsibilities with ease. This role will focus primarily on managing our X presence, content planning and creation, copywriting, paid social media ads, community building, and growth.
Key Responsibilities:
Come up with clever, on-brand social activations to make us stand out from the noise
Know your way around a meme
Manage our points campaign activations on social media
Serve as the day-to-day moderator of Oh’s social media channels
Engage and respond to all inbounds and proactively interact with the community to increase positive engagement
Plan and execute high-quality content, activities, and campaigns to increase engagement
Develop relationships with builders, community managers, and external stakeholders from other projects to facilitate and execute collaborations
Use analytics and reporting to discover insights and drive social and community strategy
Collect feedback to identify and capture marketing opportunities, areas of improvement, and additional services or features
Collaborate with the Support and Product teams on what should be communicated
2+ years of experience in community management
Strong understanding of the crypto industry
Strong understanding of social media platforms and best practices, particularly X
Exceptional copywriting and content creation skills.
Experience with paid social media advertising.
Ability to analyze data and generate actionable insights.
Knowledge of questing platforms like Zealy.
Passionate about blockchain technology (and AI)
Innovative, ambitious, and able to work independently managing multiple projects simultaneously.
Contact: https://applicantai.com/oh/social-media-manager/680

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
10 июня 2024 г. 13:50
Investigation Analyst
Company: Wallet
Salary: $74k - $77k est
Conduct comprehensive investigations of flagged users to assess their legitimacy; collect and scrutinize data to identify patterns and potential risks.
Determine the root causes of suspicious activities and develop strategies to address and mitigate underlying issues to prevent recurrence of similar activities.
Prepare detailed reports on investigative findings for internal stakeholders and, when necessary, external regulatory bodies.
Provide comprehensive support during internal and external audits and ensure all investigative activities adhere to relevant regulatory requirements and internal policies.
Develop and implement training programs aimed at educating staff on how to identify and escalate suspicious activities.
Bachelor’s degree
2 years of previous experience in transaction monitoring, fraud investigation, compliance, or a related role.
Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
Excellent attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information with discretion
Familiarity with cryptocurrency transactions and blockchain technology is advantageous but not mandatory.
Proficiency in English (at least level B2) is required. Knowledge of Russian is preferred.
Why it is a fantastic opportunity:
Our business is growing at an exponential scale.
Work in a well-funded startup environment with unique growth opportunities and a chance to join a rapidly growing company with a unique product.
Be based remotely.
Participation in the performance review and bonus programme.
Compensation for medical expenses.
Provision of necessary equipment.
Annual vacation of 20 working days plus 10 paid days off.
14 days of paid sick leave to support your health and recovery when needed.
Access to internal English courses for continuous learning and improvement in language skills.
Contact: https://jobs.ton.org/companies/wallet-2/jobs/37496135-investigation-analyst#content?&source=web3.career

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
10 июня 2024 г. 11:40
Представьте: компания мечты присылает вам приглашение. Как не впасть в панику и успешно подготовиться к интервью?

Привет! Меня зовут Мария, я курирую HR-направление в IT-компаниях с 2016 года. И я знаю все секреты, которые помогут вам получить заветный оффер 👋

В своём канале я показываю, как устроен мир HR со стороны нанимателей. Делюсь рабочими кейсами и лайфхаками, которые будут полезны для тех, кто хочет перейти в IT или уже это сделал.

Пишу здесь ✍🏼

Реклама. ИП Кеменова М.А. ИНН: 540862877858 Erid: 2Vtzqx3V8bY
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
10 июня 2024 г. 8:00
🔥Вакансии прошедшей недели

1.Crypto Social Media Manager, Компания:
CAIZ (удаленка)
2.Full Stack Developer, Компания:
Pichi Finance (удаленка)
3.Social Content Marketing Manager, Компания:
Socket (удаленка)

1.Senior Web3 Backend Engineer, Компания:
prePO (удаленка)
2.Director of Blockchain Engineering, Компания:
ParallelChain Lab (удаленка)
3.Senior Rust Developer, Компания:
Polygon Labs (удаленка)
4. Marketing Lead Bitcoin Ecosystem, Компания:
OpenBit (удаленка)
5.Senior FrontEnd Engineer, Компания:
Internet Game

🔼Навигация по вакансиям:
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#100k #200k #300k #400k #500k
Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
9 июня 2024 г. 18:00
Senior Backend Engineer
#удаленка #senior
Company: Silo Finance
Salary: $120k - $180k
You will
Build software that plays a critical part in our lending protocol.
Update and improve existing solutions.
Integrate BE app(s) with external APIs, DEXs, and other dApps.
You have
Excellent Typescript skills
A solid technical background, with 4+ years of experience in backend and API development (at least 2+ years in Typescript)
Built BE apps on production (or you played a crucial role in creating it as part of a team)
Skills to design modular apps in TypeScript from scratch that can be easily replicated and scalable (e.g., extend/set up for another blockchain)
Optimization skills that allow you to create efficient and clever solutions instead of brute-force solutions
Advanced knowledge about infrastructure, so you know what’s possible and how to design well-scalable products.
A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.
A strong understanding of
How to scan blockchain in the most efficient way for collecting data
How to process many blockchain transactions in a fast, gas-efficient way
How to detect anomalies in executions, react to unexpected errors, and keep the integrity of the app state in case of any crash
Contact: https://applicantai.com/silo-finance/senior-backend-engineer/648

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
9 июня 2024 г. 8:00
Senior Software Engineer Rust Developer
#удаленка #senior
Company: Aurora Labs
Salary: $91k - $115k est
- Senior Rust Expertise
- Software design, architecture and engineering skills
- Experience with message based and event sourced architectures
- Proven track record of smart contract development
- Previous experience in the blockchain industry, Layer 1
- Extreme ownership mentality - ability to take extreme ownership and full responsibility of tasks and projects
- Professionalism and quality in work ethic
- Desire to support and improve existing code
Nice to have
- Previous experience with the NEAR ecosystem, e.g. nearcore codebase
- Experience developing and auditing security-sensitive code- Familiarity with EVM / web3 ecosystem
- Maintain and improve services written in Rust which are part of the business-critical infrastructure
- Research and prototype application of cutting edge blockchain technologies
- Review and provide feedback on technical architecture across the company
- Participate in technical governance of OSS projects around NEAR ecosystem
- Communication and collaboration with a fully distributed team
- Collaborate with Ethereum and be active in the Ethereum engineering forums
Contact: https://jobs.lever.co/aurora-dev/6b5648bb-f7bd-429b-860e-0f7fa908b505/apply

Web 3.0 Job | Вакансии
8 июня 2024 г. 18:00
Social Content Marketing Manager
Salary: $39k - $45k est
Role & Responsibilities
Develop and implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy in line with Socket’s goals, mission and brand voice.
Own the company’s content calendar, strategy, and distribution channels.
Lead content marketing for Socket, including blog posts, case studies, documentation, newsletters, and social media.
Create and own marketing initiatives with our customers and partners. Regularly touch base with partners to ensure alignment with their brand and marketing strategies.
Educate the crypto community about chain abstraction & how Socket enables it using variety of content formats including long form, memes, tweets & more.
Help to define and verbalize Socket’s product marketing strategy and roadmap.
Produce high-quality, engaging content across a variety of platforms, including blogs, social media, and website.
Strategize content distribution across relevant channels to maximize reach, engagement, and lead generation
Keep on the pulse of the latest narratives and technical developments in the crypto and blockchain industry to inform content creation
Required Experience
Exceptional writing skills across long-form and short-form content, with a mastery of the English language.
Have a history of creating recurring content for awesome brands.
Can create engaging content that leverages relevant trends within the crypto community. Even better if you can incorporate tasteful memes.
2+ years experience in working as a social media or content marketer. Must have previously managed content calendars end to end for brands.
Strong collaboration and communication skills in fast-paced environments.
Ability to work independently, manage competing priorities, and meet deadlines proactively.
Nice to have:
Active personal Twitter presence or a strong portfolio of short- or long-form crypto content.
Having a strong understanding of rollups, blockchain scaling or modularity.
Experience writing technical documentation.
Experience with marketing automation tools.
What you'll like about us:
We have real scale - our product reaches millions of people in crypto and our users love us
No micromanagement bullshit. We trust each other and empower employees to make decisions autonomously.
We are a team of builders- we’re always shipping
Good vibes - we are all team players that only want the best for each other and the company.
Remote Friendly - Enjoy the flexibility of remote work.
Contact: https://boards.greenhouse.io/socket/jobs/4033749008