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Here you will find all the latest information from the crypto industry (Blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, etc.) and the latest news from the Cefion app.

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Июнь 21, 2022, 20:06
Hi all. We apologize to you (our subscribers) for the fact that there have been few posts on the channel lately. To solve this problem, we announce a recruitment for the position of a content manager for the channel. You can get all the information from the @adprosupport_bot team

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Июнь 15, 2022, 19:06
How to sell a GIF for $690,000?

Look attentively at this cat: it's hard to believe that this animation was sold for almost $700,000.

And everyone can do this - you just need to understand NFT. Subscribe to @worldmeta to figure it out.

They explain in simple language what NFT is, how to make 250,000 rubles out of 1,000 rubles, and who pays that kind of money for pictures.

Subscribe if you want to make a fortune even on memes: @worldmeta

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Июнь 11, 2022, 19:06
🔥 Most mentioned Play to Earn projects on Twitter.

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Июнь 8, 2022, 11:06
​​A month ago, this NFT with SpongeBob was handed around to everyone, and today it costs $520 apiece 😏

Want to grab a piece of this freebie?

Subscribe to NFT Drops. The author has created a bot that detects free crypto and NFT giveaways and publishes them on their channel.

He wrote about the NFT with SpongeBob a week before the distribution, and all the subscribers made big bucks on it.

⚡️Right now, 10 similar NFTs are being distributed on the channel, subscribe before it's too late - @nftdroops
Take NFT
Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Июнь 8, 2022, 11:06
Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Июнь 4, 2022, 18:06
Over $500M Liquidated As Bitcoin Drops Back Under $30k

Most liquidations occurred on Bitcoin trades, despite most altcoins falling more steeply than Bitcoin across the day. It would seem that Bitcoin’s rally earlier this week was short-lived. The top cryptocurrency has again descended below $30,000, liquidating over half a billion dollars in leverage trades during the fall.

According to BitStamp data, Bitcoin’s price held steady at about $31,781 until approximately 14:00 UTC on Wednesday. Over the next three hours, the price rapidly fell to $29,967, but quickly recovered back above $30,000, temporarily halting its descent.However, the price buckled from its support at about 20:25, rapidly falling to $29,366 within just 5 minutes. It has since rebounded slightly, up to $29,657 at the time of writing.

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Июнь 1, 2022, 18:06
TOP NFT sales for the month of May⚡️

The top selling NFT list includes Bored Ape Yacht Club, Otherdeed for Otherside, CryptoPunks and DotsCountryClub collections.

The most expensive NFT sale was for 410 ETH ($1.12 million).

Analytics from cryptodiffer

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Июнь 1, 2022, 12:06
The Terra community discovered an exploit in Mirror Protocol's liquidity pools 😱

Members of the sky-burnt Terra community just two days after the launch of Terra 2.0 found an exploit that threatened its liquidity pools. Users literally forced the developers to stop using mBTC, mETH, mGLXY and mDOT as collateral.

According to Mirroruser, Terra's Mirror was under attack that allowed the scammer to steal $2 million worth of assets: “This is happening right now. Probably due to the outdated price of the uluna oracle, the mBTC, mETH and mDOT pools have been merged. All other pools will be depleted as soon as the new oracle prices come in.” Mirroruser has attached a list of transactions.

On May 31, Mirror cut off mBTC, mETH, mGLXY and mDOT collateral. But the blow to the reputation of Terra 2.0 is irreparable.

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 29, 2022, 19:05
Hi all. So we have determined the further format of the channel thanks to you. Comments are no longer available
Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 28, 2022, 18:05
Hi all. We want to do a survey with our friendly community. Do you use comments under posts? Is there a need for them?
  • Yes, I'm use
  • No, i don't use
Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 27, 2022, 16:05
Twitter shareholders sue Elon Musk

They accuse the billionaire of market manipulation.

The plaintiffs also allege that the head of Tesla violated the law by obtaining financial gain by delaying the disclosure of his stake in the company and concealing his intentions to become a board member.

The lawsuit also said that Musk bought the company's shares with insider information.

The prosecution believes that the suspension of the purchase of the company due to the possible high proportion of fake Twitter accounts was part of the scheme. In their opinion, in this way Musk wanted to get better conditions or disrupt the deal.

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 27, 2022, 12:05

The Woodcoin project, which has been around since 2014, announced an Airdrop campaign with a prize pool of $80,000.

The terms of participation are very easy:
- Go to the bot @woodcoin_airdrop_bot@woodcoin_airdrop_bot and complete simple social media subscription tasks
- Send your LOG wallet address. You will find instructions in the bot.

✔️ You will be charged from 0.5 to 20 LOG tokens for completing tasks. The coin’s value is around $3.84.

There is also a referral program: if you invite at least 5 people, the chance of getting tokens is multiplied.

⬇️Go ahead and take part now. It’s an easy way to get LOG!


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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 24, 2022, 17:05
Matthew Bellamy, frontman of the British rock band Muse, has invested in startup Pebble, which raised $6.2 million in seed funding.
Investors also included Y Combinator, Lightshed Ventures, Cadenza Capital, East Ventures, Orange DAO and Global Founders Capital, Odell Beckham Jr. of the National Football League, and Richard Ma, CEO of blockchain audit firm Quantstamp.
In the absence of a lead investor, the largest investment came from Lightshed Ventures, Pebble co-founder and CEO Aaron Bai said. As a result of the round, the startup's valuation reached $65 million, he added.
Pebble is developing an application that allows you to receive 5-9% per annum on deposits in USDC stablecoin.

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 20, 2022, 11:05
Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has led a $15 million seed round for Azra Games. The startup is focused on creating massive strategic role-playing games based on blockchain and NFT.
Round participants include NFX, Coinbase Ventures, Play Ventures and Franklin Templeton.

a16z has secured funding through a recently launched $600 million fund focused on "gaming infrastructure and metaverses."

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 19, 2022, 17:05
📢 @ZelenskiyNFT - World's FIRST humanitarian ChariFi & NFT project where you get rewarded for holding #NFT and for doing good deeds.

A collection of 10,000 handmade 4K NFTs designed to support the Ukrainian people.

💥Some features:

- KYC by AssureDefi
- Audited by CertiK
- Lifetime weekly airdrops of Opensea's sale comissions in ETH
- Airdrop of ecosystem's token ZELIK (ZLK)
- Officially partners with EU and UA Charities on Ukranian crisis and largest part of sales to be donated.
- Exclusive earlier access to products/services and Exclusive terms of their use.

And much more.


✅PUBLIC SALE - 1th JUNE at 15:00 UTC

Contribute to humanity. Contribute to Ukraine! 🇺🇦🙏

➡️ For Whitelist and More information - www.zelenskiynft.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZelenskiyNFT_
Instagram: https://instagram.com/zelenskiynft
Telegram News: @ZelenskiyNFT_News
Telegram Chat: @ZelenskiyNFT

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 18, 2022, 13:05
Spotify starts trialing NFTs on its platform, Music Ally reports

latest tech company to jump on the NFT bandwagon, Spotify waded into the web3 world earlier this month with the May 3 launch of "Spotify Island" on Roblox. Starting with a single pilot group of artists, among them Steve Aoki and The Wombats, Spotify will now test NFTs on the platform to specially selected users based in the US.

They will not sell NFTs directly, however, as users will need to tap through to an external marketplace to make purchases. Spotify has said it will not take a cut of the sales as part of the test.Rumors that Spotify was interested in entering web3 have been circulating since March when the company posted two job ads for working with early-stage web3 projects. The latest news comes just days after Meta announced it too would start testing digital collectibles and NFTs on Instagram.

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 14, 2022, 13:05
Crypto Downturn Shakes Digital Collectible Markets as NFT Sales Slip 42% Lower Than Last Week

Non-fungible token (NFT) markets are starting to feel the pain from the crypto market carnage that’s taken place during the last week. Over the last seven days, NFT sales have dropped 42.85% lower than the previous week.

NFT sales are down this week as seven-day sales metrics show across 16 different blockchains, NFT sales slipped 42.85% lower than last week. Sales stemming from Ethereum were down 44.83%, but the top eight blockchain networks by NFT sales were all down this week.Solana sales are down 19.65%, Polygon NFT sales slid 35.63%, Flow sales are 36.19% lower, and Avalanche NFT sales are down 29.26%. Tezos, however, saw NFT sales increase 51.09% higher than the week prior.Despite Ethereum-based NFT sales dipping by more than 42%, ETH-based NFTs saw $828.7 million in sales which is 88.17% of the $939.8 million in seven-day NFT sales.

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 12, 2022, 11:05
American drew sneakers just for fun and posted them in the Adidas metaverse store. They were bought for $30k 🤷

Metaverses are a new trend that even a lazy person will earn on. How to go into them if you're not very great at this topic?

Check out the MetaWorlds channel. Everything here is for beginners. How to buy a piece of digital land for a dollar and sell it for $8,000? Or maybe draw a meta-apartment and sell it for a real price?

Don't miss another trend where you can make jack: @metawolds

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 10, 2022, 12:05
Hello. Here we are on Wikipedia😊. Very soon we will get ticks on social networks✅

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Cefion | Blockchain | NFTs | Metaverse
Май 7, 2022, 14:05
New mechanics in the field of NFT games will be presented by a team of Ukrainian developers.
To become a participant in the online race, you need to purchase a box with an NFT part, which will later be needed to complete the car.
It is important to take into account that the number of parts is limited and after the end of the official sale, participants will be able to purchase components only on The Race marketplace from the same players.
One of the features of the game that the developers have worked out very well is the ability to assemble a car from parts. Each car part has its own percentage of uniqueness, the more rare components in the car, the higher the chances of winning races!

In addition to enjoying winning races, players also have the opportunity to win a real Chevrolet Corvette.

More information on the project website:


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