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We are crypto surfers team who tack on the nft and metaverses wave everyday. All you need to know is already here, come on with us!

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Metaverse it
Дек. 2, 2022, 22:12
​​Let's look at Wizardia — P2E game with NFTs at its core

Hey, our team wants to be helpful 🙃 to you in the metaverses. So, let's continue our good tradition of reviewing interesting projects ➡️ this time we meet a P2E game to make money 🤑


In our list of the best metaverse and P2E to invest in comes WizardiaWizardia, a fantasy magic role-playing game known for its compelling visual style

In Wizardia, you can create own unique 🧙 characters, level them up, and upgrade their gear in an attempt to become the ultimate wizard. 

The 🕹️ game offers not just a beautiful visual style, but also fierce PvP and PvE battles ⚔️ where users must use strategy as well as strength to climb up the leaderboards of the game’s top wizards and earn $WZRD 💹

Sure, the $WZRD tokens have taken a hit from the crypto 🤯 crash, but not as much as some of the other top metaverse coins have, showcasing the popularity of the game 👍 

😎 Maybe, right now is the time to get these tokens at a discount before they start another rise in 📅 2023?
Metaverse it
Дек. 1, 2022, 19:12
​​🚀 Metaverses to enter right now

There are some potentially attractive metaverses that you can enter right now. We are not talking about big projects like sandbox, because such ones will not give profit in the short term ❌

Our list will probably help you diversify your portfolio with interesting projects and meta tokens 💰 with a good opportunity to make a few X's 📈 with the start of a bull market. 

Let's go 🚀

CryptovoxelsCryptovoxels ($CVPA$CVPA)

This is an Ethereum-based metaverse with Minecraft-like vibes. As such, this metaverse consists of a whole world of digital infrastructures and blocks of land users can continuously build on top of. Assets can be traded on 🔵 OpenSea in exchange for ETH, but Cryptovoxels also has its own currency – the Cryptovoxels Parcel ($CVPA).

Somnium SpaceSomnium Space ($CUBE$CUBE)

This 3D blockchain platform is incredibly accessible and filled with mind boggling experiences, and opportunities to experiment with all facets of the metaverse. Somnium also has opted for a multi-chain approach that also includes Solana. This opened new opportunities for the metaverse, allowing users to access a new level 👍 of activities like building an NFT Gallery, using a VR avatar to visit VR concerts and creating new NFT-based worlds.

Sensorium GalaxySensorium Galaxy ($SENSO$SENSO)

Sensorium Galaxy is a digital metaverse 🌍 that’s been developed in collaboration with some of the world’s top artists, producers, and media companies.

#PRISM is the premier world of Sensorium, being the entry point for music and entertainment. This is where metaverse users will be getting access to exclusive VR performances by chart-topping artists including David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Armin van Buuren and many more.

MetaheroMetahero ($HERO$HERO)

Crypto meets 3D scanning technology, together bridging the physical and digital worlds. That is how Metahero describes its own project. This platform promises to introduce a new concept of ultra-realistic digital clones 🧍 that users can customize and use in a number of metaverse activities. Each 3D avatar features a life-like body type and a photo-realistic face achieved thanks to 3D modeling partnership with wolf digital world, resulting in extraordinary AAA avatars 🔥


🤔 So, even with lots of unknowns thrown into the mix, we hope our list was a great starting point in your journey into the metaverse ✅
Metaverse it
Ноя. 30, 2022, 12:11
​​Continuing our digest... What's new in the P2E? 

We have decided to share with you a regular digest of metaverse | P2E news. This will help you better immerse yourself in this industry, learn more new things, and not miss anything important ☝🏼 

Let's go!  🚀

➡️ Fenix GamesFenix Games raises $150M for blockchain game publishing

Fenix Games plans to acquire, invest and publish both existing games and blockchain games of the future. The idea is to create a publisher and platform company that plays a key role in bringing blockchain games to market. Well, that's interesting... 🤔

➡️ Shiba EternityShiba Eternity game receives a new upgrade

SHIB Discord moderator shared a few details on issues fixed by the recent upgrade. She notes that an issue that caused the game to lose rank when backgrounding the app on the main menu was fixed ✅

Also, the information button on the discipline selection screen of the Shiboshi creation menu, which was not displaying the correct information, was fixed too 👍

➡️ VRJAM RevealsVRJAM Reveals new project supported by Epic Games

Hmm.. VRJAM’s cooperation with Epic Games follows recent announcements of partnerships with major companies and brands, such as interactive metaverse concert streamer Animal Concerts, Ethereum scaling blockchain protocol Polygon, and Martian 3D mapping company Mars4. Cool! 🔥

That's all the news so far, but we already have something interesting for you 😎
Metaverse it
Ноя. 29, 2022, 17:11
​​Dive into the NFT WorldNFT World with the new channel from the creators of juicy collections 🤤

NFT World is a new Russian-language project 🔥 from the artists of non-fungible tokens. This is a very interesting channel for beginners and crypto-enthusiasts who want to learn about the NFT industry and start earning from it 🤑

⬇️ The authors publish several types of content ⬇️

✅ Immersion in the NFT industry
✅ Exciting facts
✅ Guides and step-by-step instructions
✅ Tips and tricks for beginners

There is not an ounce of doubt that you will surely be fascinated by the colorful visuals and the exciting design of the posts 😏

👉 We recommend NFT WorldNFT World! Don't waste time and join in! 🚀

Metaverse it
Ноя. 29, 2022, 11:11
​​How we invest in the future of the metaverse?

Hey guys! 👋 Many people wonder what is generally happening in the metaverse market and what the prospects are. ❓ Our team will answer this question in more detail in this post. 


Since the beginning of the crypto winter, metaverse tokens have struggled compared to other cryptocurrencies.

And the bear market revealed flaws in early models like Axie Infinity, where gamers’ earnings chiefly consisted of speculation and inflation of the native 💰 token.

Since the crypto peak last 📅 November, the metaverse's user activity index is 📉 down 85% vs. Ethereum – 71%, DeFi leaders down 80%, and infrastructure leaders down 80%.

This is a very important indicator – the decline in activity in metaverses is directly proportional to the decline in activity in other crypto industries. 

But what about the popularity of metaverses? 🤔

The top open-world metaverses by land sales are:

💰 Otherside ($APE)
💰 Decentraland ($MANA)
💰 The Sandbox ($SAND)

And here we see an important change in the leaders. Games like 🕹️ Alex Infinity are losing popularity because their game model was based on dumping and pumping out 💸 money. Now metaverses and P2E games are being transformed. 

They are not a tool to make money in the here and now.

They are new worlds, new digital assets, and tokens of the future on 🟠 Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchains. 

The 🐂 bull market in metaverses, we believe, will recover when the crypto industry resumes 📈 growth.

After all, this will inevitably lead to an increase in the price of tokens, NFT assets, and so on.

Waiting for that? 🤔
Metaverse it
Ноя. 28, 2022, 11:11
​​What's new in the metaverses? 🤔

Hey guys! 👋 We begin the new week with a brief recap of the situation in the metaverses. Here are a few key news items that will set the tone for the market in the near future.


Hype announced the launch of the first annual Web3 Job Fair ➡️➡️➡️ the fair, which is set to take place in the virtual playground on Feb. 16–17, 2023, will bring together 2K of the hottest prospects in Web3 in the metaverse.

SecondLive metaverse project launches app for Android phones ➡️➡️➡️ well, the SecondLive metaverse is now available right on your Android phone. The BNB Chain project announced the new App in a tweet on Nov. 26.

The ”metaverse” is officially a top-three contender for the Oxford word of the year ➡️➡️➡️ so, the number of trademark filings for metaverse applications has skyrocketed, and it’s no secret why.

That's all the news so far, but we already have something interesting for you 😎
Metaverse it
Ноя. 26, 2022, 12:11
​​3 blockchain startups to watch 

Hey 👋 many of our subscribers are asking about promising blockchain projects at the moment. We decided to pay attention to this and offer our list of ones to watch out for 🤔 

Let's go 🚀

TERAWULFTERAWULF — an American crypto mining startup in Easton City has successfully raised $250 million in funding and operates a green Bitcoin mining farm. More than 91% of the company's energy comes from zero-carbon energy sources. Therefore, it mines $BTC with minimal harmful environmental impact. 

NFTSCORINGNFTSCORING — a Czech company located in Prague provides NFT collection analysis tools. The startup managed to raise $1.7 million in the first funding round and was supported by reputable funds such as Y Combinator and Credo Ventures. In addition to blockchain, the platform uses artificial intelligence to help traders profit in the growing NFT asset segment.

JUSTCARBONJUSTCARBON — a blockchain startup that offers creative solutions to limit carbon emissions. A person can help to improve the environment by purchasing $JCR tokens. Each $JCR on the user's account represents an emission reduction of 1 ton of carbon dioxide.


These projects have their own tokenomics, which allows you to enter the project at any stage and get the potential benefits 📈 

Remember, this is not investment advice – we just share our opinion about potentially interesting startups that we observe ourselves. Accordingly, it can only be a long-term investment idea 🤔
Metaverse it
Ноя. 25, 2022, 19:11
​​Here's why this rare Bored Ape NFT just sold for $940K in ETH

What happened ➡️ Bored Ape #1268 🙈 just sold for 780.00 ETH (~ $940,000). As you know, the value of Bored Apes is typically determined by the Ape's attributes, with the laser eyes, crown, and golden fur traits being the most coveted. This particular, rare version of the NFT was sold to an anonymous collector. 

Why it matters ➡️ Apes are the ultimate store of culture for NFT collectors. The NFT collection has gained huge influence in 📅 2021, with an ever-growing list of top tier celebrities making apes their profile pictures on Twitter. With the explosion in popularity surrounding the metaverse, rare blockchain-based avatars are all the rage for those looking to flex online.

⏰ Recently, however, this collection has lost about 90% of its market activity. Many media have written about the Apes being an indicator of the whole industry. If all is bad with Bored, all is bad with NFT... 👎

❌ But no! As you can see, collector activity has started to pick up in recent weeks, and the transaction amounts are back up to $1 million 🤑

Coincidence? Not likely 😏

We've written about this likely development. Are you still waiting? 🥴
Metaverse it
Ноя. 25, 2022, 10:11

🥳 Welcome Uchi Labs — a P2E development company that has no limitations, no rules, and no boundaries ❌

✅ Working with passionate people to Build Something Better in Web 3.0, Uchi Labs is far beyond imagination that is desperately working to bring innovation and evolve with the DeFi trends. 

💪 A project team of intellectual and experienced enthusiasts working with passion to bring something great to NFT space.


🎁 Uchi Collector Pass 🎁

📌 Uchi Collector Pass is a collection of 1000 passes that will be launched prior to the official grim slayer collection to raise funds and also reward OGs for being with Uchi at the beginning of its journey 📈


Metaverse it
Ноя. 24, 2022, 20:11
​​It's time to skim the cream of the football's NFT collections

Guys, we are closely following the reaction of the NFT market to the ⚽ World Cup taking place in 🇶🇦 Qatar. 

The latest statistics are impressive 🤔

⚡ Saudi's NFTs sales are up 387% after the country's surprise 2-1 win over Argentina
⚡ The Spain football fan token ($SNFT) emerged as the top gainer in the sports token section, rising 170%
⚡ The Brazil fc token ($BFT) appears to be the crypto market's second favorite fan token – Its price has rallied 130% in just nine days 

As you can see, sports events cause strong volatility in the market, and you can make good money on it 📊

Based on this, we selected 3️⃣ fan tokens that can benefit from the results of a sporting event:

🇧🇷 Brazil National Team Fan Token ($BFT)
🇦🇷 Argentine Football Association Fan Token ($ARG)
🇵🇹 Portugal National Team Fan Token ($POR)

❗ Don't forget that this is solely the opinion of our team. Nevertheless, the winner's token will be on top when the results are announced. Stay tuned for that 👀
Metaverse it
Ноя. 23, 2022, 13:11
​​The best metaverse coins on board *subjectively*

We often receive requests for our vision of a balanced metaverse coin portfolio. So, our team 👥 decided to collect the top meta coins. Maybe it will help you to reevaluate your investments and the meta industry as a whole.


🥇 RobotEra ($TARO) — new metaverse token with recently launched presale.

🥇 Battle Infinity ($IBAT) — a new metaverse crypto with huge potential

🥇 Calvaria ($RIA)— it seems the best new p2e crypto to buy in 2022.

🥇 Highstreet ($HIGH) — is an interesting metaverse project with virtual reality support that has potential.

🥇 Metahero ($HERO) — is a new meta-project that revolves around creating high-definition avatars of real-world objects and people using 3D scanning.

☝🏼 As you have noticed, many of these projects were started recently. They have good potential even in the bear market because they offer users a global ecosystem and advanced tokenomics 💹

Also, we are not discarding high-profile coins like $MANA, $APE, and $MATIC. But every meta enthusiast seems to know about them as fundamental assets to invest in 📈
Metaverse it
Ноя. 22, 2022, 19:11
​​Good news from the metaverse industry

The new metaverse game RobotEra raises over $100,000 in the first week 🤑

The NFT game’s multi-reward system has made investors realize that this game rivals the Sandbox, prompting them to buy the native token $TARO, while it’s still affordable 💰

So, P2E tokens have proven to be extremely popular 🤯 with investors because of their intrinsic reward element, providing returns to players even when the crypto market is stagnant.
Early investors understood that $TARO’s use cases enable them to earn in various ways, so they flocked to the platform to prevent FOMO ❌
We’ve 👀 seen how P2E tokens such as $SAND and $AXS exploded 💥 once listed on exchanges, with one of the reasons those top crypto games saw massive spikes in their coin’s value being that they received much more exposure to investors than during the 💸 presale.

That’s the reason investors shouldn’t wait for $TARO tokens to be listed before investing in them and the best time to bag low-priced assets is during the coin’s presale.

TARO tokens available now for only $0.02 🔥

But do we have time to buy them? 🤔

At the same time, RobotEra is a new P2E 🕹️ game of 2022 as it enables players to earn $TARO tokens in a number of different ways in its ecosystem.
So, that’s one of its major appeals, while its in-game activities make it rival The Sandbox 😎
Metaverse it
Ноя. 21, 2022, 14:11
​​What happened to the metaverse? 🤔

Our team  👥 decided to dedicate today's post to thinking about where the metaverses are going. We plan to publish posts like this every month to keep track of current trends, changes, and innovations. 

So, let's go! 🚀
Waves of tech layoffs, including thousands at 🔵 Meta, create a sense that the dream may already be over… This happened with the internet before: the first dot com 🤯 bubble, for instance. Some ideas died, others survived, and new ones came afterward that no one predicted.

But – if the concepts that infuse the metaverse truly take off, the evolutions after that are easy to predict ☝🏼

At the moment, we are seeing a transformation of trends:

✅ Development of VR and AR technologies
✅ The emergence of corporate products in metaverses
✅ Construction of real businesses and cities in virtual worlds.

We just rushed forward too ⏫ fast. Now every step requires deliberation. However, the corporations continued to dive into the metaverses as before 👍

In confirmation of this, there are a few recent news items:

➡️ The crime-fighting agency Interpol creating its own metaverse
➡️ Tuvalu announced that it would be the first country to fully replicate itself as a virtual reproduction in the metaverse.
➡️ Metaverse's real estate is selling for millions

and more ♾️

Many 🏢 corporations are betting on metaverses. They base their choices on analysis and research. Therefore, it is better for us to trust their choices 💰

But now is a good time to look ✅ for something interesting in this industry, when prices allow you to buy an asset in an emerging metaverse. 

Now it's not a 3-5 month investment, but a 3-5 year one. Are you ready to make a choice? 📈
Metaverse it
Ноя. 20, 2022, 19:11
​​So, what is Summoners Arena P2E game?

This Sunday we would like to 🔎 focus on an interesting P2E project, Summoners ArenaSummoners Arena. Why does it matter❓

⚔️ The precursor to SA is the Summoners Era: Idle RPG Heroes, which was widely successful in the traditional 📱
mobile gaming scene, achieving >1 million in downloads 📈

This is a large 👥 community, which means that the game will be active and in demand. 

👉 So, SA is an innovative idle RPG built on BSC and has set out to be a multi-genre game universe.

The 🎮 game has a PvP and PvE modes in which you need to fight the enemy with magic and edged weapons.

The 💰 tokenomics of the game is built on NFT heroes, which you can improve and develop. 

You have to buy them separately to start the game. But the developers also added non-NFT heroes, which do not ❌ work with P2E mode.

The main game token 💸 $ASG is needed to buy and sell in-game items, character upgrades, and weapons. In Summoners Arena, there are plenty of sinks that manage the economic inflation of $ASG given that the use cases are highly relevant to the continuity of the game 🕹️

So, this gamethis game is full of locations, progressions, modes, and characters. We love its activity and community of more than 1 million fans 🤯 
Metaverse it
Ноя. 19, 2022, 20:11
​​Binance is expanding and plans to become a "go-to destination for NFTs"

Our team is actively monitoring the latest news around Binance. This crypto exchange is skimming the cream 🤤 on the conflict with FTX, as well as the partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo ⚽ 

What's next? 🤔

Next is integration with 🔵 OpenSea to become one globalized NFT exchange. WTF? But it's true 🤯

🟡 Binance is planning an upgrade that will open up access to OpenSea NFTs for its users.

As a result, fans of the Binance NFT marketplace can now access 🔓 NFTs from a variety of marketplaces and blockchains.

On top of the NFTs listed on the Binance NFT marketplace, users have access to the majority of the top 200 collections on OpenSea that use the ERC-721 standard 📈

So... It paves the way for NFT marketplace dominance in the same way that the platform has dominated cryptocurrency trading 💰

☝🏼 And in the future, the platform plans to integrate more marketplaces and chains.

Is it time to bet on Binance and BNB? 🤔
Metaverse it
Ноя. 18, 2022, 19:11
​​What happened in NFTs, and metaverse this week?

Hey there! 👋 We collect this week’s highlights on NFTs and metaverse, which are the main topics we hear more and more details about every day.


🔥 Yuga Labs acquires ‘WENEW’ and its 10KTF NFT collection

WENEW stands out with its blockchain and web3-based initiatives. And 10KTF, purchased by Yuga Labs, is the most popular collection of the brand. So, with the acquisition, WENEW founder Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann has joined Yuga Labs as an advisor.

It seems like another reason to pay more attention to Yuga Labs and its products 📈 

🔥 Nike announced “SWOOSH”

SWOOSH is a platform that hosts a virtual product consisting of interactive digital objects such as virtual shoes and jerseys that can be worn in video games or other immersive experiences. This project is supported by Polygon.

Well, not a bad start for a dive into the NFT ✅

🔥 Sony gets its patents for NFT and GameFi

Sony has received a new patent for the use of NFTs within games. It was stated that the patent allows players to purchase in-game digital assets and NFTs related to their favorite esports stars.

🥳 Welcome the NFT character of the God of War? Huh 😅

☝🏼 So, that concludes our digest. Have a great weekend, and we'll be back to you tomorrow!
Metaverse it
Ноя. 17, 2022, 15:11
​​Binance launches football fever NFT 💥

It's been a while since we published a review of current NFT news... We're making amends! 😉

So, yesterday the media massively published news that Binance is launching a “football feverfootball fever ⚽ on the eve of the World Cup with a prize fund of $1,000,000 🤑

The main points 👇

📌 Chiliz $CHZ (football fan token) has partnered to launch Binance football fever. 
📌 The football fever can be accessed on Binance and is free of charge.
📌 To grab the free NFT football passport, one must hold one fan token on the account.

There are a lot of conditions, but the prizes are 👍 not bad. Especially since this is the first raffle of this scale from a global exchange 🔥

And it also sets the vector for the whole NFT-industry, where more and more athletes and sports events are involved. It means that the demand is there. The money is flowing... 💸

All this comes in addition to the news that 👟 Cristiano Ronaldo is launching his NFT collection on Binance (there will be 6,645 NFTs on offer). By the way, new users completing registration with KYC have will earn a mystery box 🎁

All in all, there are now new ways for football fans to make NFT money. Take advantage of it while the whole world is gripped by World Cup fever ⚽ 

So, we continue to add new collections and tokens to our portfolio... 💹
Metaverse it
Ноя. 16, 2022, 11:11
​​The top 5 metaverse trends in 2023 *in our opinion*

Hey there 👋🏼

During 2022  📅 it was hard to move without bumping into the term metaverse. Following Facebook’s rebranding, just about everyone was keen to let us know about their vision for digital  🌍 worlds. 

Anyone who has been paying attention, however, will have realized that these  👀 visions often differ greatly… 2023 is likely to be a key year for defining the direction it will take.

Therefore, we have highlighted 5 key points for the development of the metaverse in the coming year.

1️⃣ Metaverse as a new marketing channel

As with search engines and social media, marketing and advertising will provide the fuel that will boost web 3.0 – the metaverse into the mainstream ⚡

2️⃣ The corporate metaverse

Aside from its power as a marketing tool, the metaverse promises to provide platforms, ⚒️ tools, and entire virtual worlds where business can be done remotely, efficiently, and intelligently.

3️⃣ Web3 and decentralization

One of our visions of the shape that the metaverse will eventually take revolves around decentralization ☝🏼

4️⃣ Virtual and augmented reality

The idea of immersive, experiential technology is central to the metaverse – whatever it ends up looking like, it will be more engaging than the digital worlds we are used to today (such as Facebook) 🎮

5️⃣ More advanced avatar technology

The metaverse will involve us adopting avatars that represent us in the digital world.

As you can see, we predict the departure of the metaverses into the global corporate environment. This is a new vector that we are following  ➡️ 

Do you support such development of the industry? 🤔
Metaverse it
Ноя. 15, 2022, 22:11
​​Bored? Our team has a list of upcoming NFT drops… 🎁 traditionally at the beginning of the week! 

Mind's Best Friend — an NFT project with one mission in mind: raise awareness for and improve the mental health and wellness of our community.

Cangster — an exclusive collection of 10,000 real-life experience-enabled PFPs on the Ethereum blockchain, created by the Canne-winning artist.

M00nshine K9s — 1920s prohibition-style collection of badass K9s, bringing a worldwide whiskey brand to web3.

Hyakki NFT — an interesting 3D collection of Japanese-themed NFTs, with its own metaverse and advanced tokenomics.

So, have a good time and find a source of inspiration for yourself! 👍

See you tomorrow! Our team is already preparing interesting content for you 😎
Metaverse it
Ноя. 14, 2022, 19:11

Your journey to a new world of NFT and metaverse

An up-to-date and fascinating source of news about NFT and metaverse is the ultimate companion for every collector, enthusiast, and investor 📈

That's why we found an interesting channel for you  ➡️ NFT & Metaverse TechnologiesNFT & Metaverse Technologies

This is a real storehouse of daily posts on various fascinating topics:

🟢 News
🟢 Analytics
🟢 Overviews of collections and metaverses
🟢 Announcement of minting
🟢 Objective forecasts and much more

Our colleagues work very fruitfully, which will help you avoid an information vacuum 😮

We are confident that our information and theirs will give you the foundation for successful investment and NFT arts collecting 😎

Become a follower right now  ➡️ NFT & Metaverse TechnologiesNFT & Metaverse Technologies 🔥