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ChatGPT 4.0 | Bot - English ✳️
9 апреля 2024 г. 17:16
ChatGPT 4.0 | Bot - English ✳️
9 апреля 2024 г. 17:16
📦 Hello music lovers!

🎤 Meet the hot new thing in our ChatGPT 4.0 & [🅼🅹] bot - an incredible Suno service that will allow you to create original songs in just a couple of clicks!🎸

⭐️ Now you can become a real musician, even if you have never held an instrument in your hands. Just choose a genre, write the lyrics (or entrust it to ChatGPT) - and voilà, in a few minutes you will have a ready-made hit! 🎉

🧠 Suno V3 is an innovative neural network that creates full-fledged songs from scratch: music, rhythm, voice, performance - everything is turnkey! You can listen to an example of generations in two videos for this post 🔥

🎁 And the best part is that all premium users receive between 5 and 200 free Suno requests. And if this is not enough, you can always purchase up to 500 generations in the /premium section. There is no such thing as too much music! 🔥

🎧 To start creating, simply send the bot the command /music and follow the instructions. Choose the Easy mode if you want quick results, or experiment with the Advanced settings to fine-tune your track.

🕔 Generation usually takes no more than 3 minutes, and you will end up with two music videos of up to 120 seconds each. And if you want new options, just click the button🔃 and enjoy the latest versions!

🎉 Share your musical masterpieces with friends, family and friends - let everyone know that the talent of a composer lies dormant within you!⭐️

🚀 Are you ready to conquer the musical Olympus?

Go to ChatGPT 4.0 & [🅼🅹] bot, click /music and start creating now!🎵
ChatGPT 4.0 | Bot - English ✳️
5 апреля 2024 г. 17:47
⚡️ Due to numerous requests, we are launching an affiliate program in our ChatGPT 4.0 & [🅼🅹] AI bot.

💰Now everyone has the opportunity not only to enjoy communicating with an advanced AI bot, but also to earn money by sharing it with friends!

📈 Invite your friends, share your unique referral link and receive a percentage of their purchases. The more referrals and their activity, the higher your income!

🎁 Your friends will also receive nice bonuses after registration!

🔑 Access to the Partner’s personal account is always at hand:

1️⃣ Enter the command /partner directly in the chat with the bot
2️⃣ Click the "Partner's Account" button in your account menu

In the Partner's Account you can:

💼 Track the balance of your affiliate wallet
📈 Monitor your level in the Affiliate Program
👥 See the number of invited referrals
🧾 Count subscriptions and additional services they purchased
💳 Find out the total volume of purchases and your affiliate income
🔗 Copy unique referral link for invitations
💳 Withdraw your funds to a card or crypto wallet

🚀 Develop a community of AI enthusiasts, help others discover new facets of communication with neural networks, and make money from it. The future is here, join us!

Entrance➡️ ChatGPT 4.0 & [🅼🅹] AI bot🤖