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Solving Problems
13 июня 2024 г. 15:14
Today's combo in the hamster 🐹

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Solving Problems
13 июня 2024 г. 14:24
Analyzing CA - Mark Sherrington segmentation

🟧 What? - segmentation by product type: what products or services you offer.

🟧Who? - segmentation by type of consumer: age, gender, place of residence, marital status, etc.

🟧Why? - segmentation by type of motivation to make a purchase: what is the customer guided by when buying this product or service? What customer problem does this product solve?

🟧 When? - segmentation by the situation in which the product is bought: when, in what situation does the need or desire to buy the product arise?

🟧Where? segmentation by place of purchase: at what point of contact with the customer can you influence their decision to purchase the product? Where do people tend to buy the product?

🟧Don't narrow the CA artificially. Carefully consider all the nuances and benefits of your offer for different categories of people.

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Solving Problems
13 июня 2024 г. 8:23
How to increase trust in a company?

Tips to help make customer relationships long-lasting and reliable:

🔸Tell your values. Common ground unites - tell them what's behind your logo, why you believe in your business.

🔸Be honest. Let customers know about return options, shipping costs, and other important terms and conditions.

🔸Simplify navigation. Make the shopping process simple, clear, and fast.

🔸Share your knowledge. Create a blog - tell buyers about your successes and failures, workflows, news and post reviews.

🔸Work with negativity. Show users that every review, comment, photo or mark is important. Set up surveys, contests, give promo codes for repeat purchase and engage customers in communication.

🔸Use analytics. Data is now a powerhouse that will not only help improve sales, but also increase customer confidence.

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Solving Problems
12 июня 2024 г. 15:22
🔍 JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon expressed that bitcoin is a form of fraud and a pyramid scheme.

An unusual aspect: JPMorgan is an authorized participant in BlackRock's bitcoin spot-ETF.

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Solving Problems
12 июня 2024 г. 9:21
There's a new trend on Chinese social media, with people posting photos before and after they get their first job.

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Solving Problems
12 июня 2024 г. 0:15
The listing for Hamster Kombat is in a couple weeks, you still have time to pump up the profit per hour to make money on it for free.

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Solving Problems
11 июня 2024 г. 14:18
💸Durov named the amount in his bank account.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has revealed that he has “several hundred million dollars lying in his bank account or bitcoins for ten years.” He named the amount during an interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, which is published on social network X.

“And I'm not doing anything with it. I have no real estate, no airplanes, no yachts,” Durov noted.

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Solving Problems
11 июня 2024 г. 9:14
The break-even point

- This is the volume of sales at which the company's profit is zero. If you reach it, you owe at least nothing to anyone.

The algorithm of calculation is as follows:

✅ Calculate the fixed costs - it is rent, utilities, wages.

✅ Calculate the variable costs per unit of goods and learn your margin - the difference between the price and variable costs. For example, if a T-shirt costs 10 $, and all sorts of threads, needles - 5, the margin will be 5.

✅ Find the break-even point. To do this, we take the fixed costs and divide by the margin. The resulting number is the amount you need to sell to come to the breakeven point. That's it in a nutshell.

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Solving Problems
10 июня 2024 г. 17:28
Startup: Human Hoist - the transformer chair of the future!

💡 The perfect solution for mechanics and professionals in all industries. Provides ergonomic support for safe and comfortable work tasks.

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Solving Problems
10 июня 2024 г. 8:11
Startup from indie artist Zephyr Designz: Cybertruck in a racing design! 🏎💨

Imagine a powerful pickup truck with a V12 engine - it's awesome! 🤩

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Solving Problems
9 июня 2024 г. 14:09
A selection for those who love long storytelling and are always looking for something to watch - exciting series about business

🍿 Against the Giants (2022) is a true-life series about one of the most famous startups in Sweden, Spotify. Today, 250+ million people use the app, but behind this success are 12 years of losses and more than one failure.

🍿 “Force Majeure” (2011-2019) is a story about the tandem of New York's top lawyer and a talented self-taught lawyer, which once starred Meghan Markle.

🍿 “Billions” (2016-2023) - a series about the confrontation between business and law, financial tricks and corporate culture. The characters make a choice between money and everything else: people, feelings and ambition.

🍿 “Mr. Selfridge” (2013-2016) - an encyclopedia on trade, communication with staff, PR and taking care of your customers on the example of the owner of a popular London store on Oxford Street.

🍿 “House of Cards/House of Cards” (2013-2018) - David Fincher's series about making a friend the president of the United States and avenging a betrayal.

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Solving Problems
8 июня 2024 г. 8:08
A startup from Hyundai and Kia: a delivery robot with AI!

DAL-e Delivery is an innovative assistant that can carry heavy loads without fatigue and does not require a salary!

✨ This delivery robot features an advanced AI-based facial recognition system, an 11-inch screen and can move at speeds of up to 1.2 meters per second.

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Solving Problems
7 июня 2024 г. 19:07
Solving Problems
7 июня 2024 г. 14:29
Updates on Altooshka + AirDrop for botik
😉 A project has appeared, namely a meme on TON @altooshka

Read all project announcements in their TG.

🪂 In their bot @altooshka you can get AirDrop depending on the number of diamonds. 

➖ Minus : No new women added.

➕ Pros :

1️⃣ You can't spend much gems, but you get more AirDrop.

2️⃣ There's a collab with $WTF,$DICK,$BALLS and an advertising budget of over $100k

3️⃣ Soon NFT collection with Utility and already real pics of Altoids.

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Solving Problems
7 июня 2024 г. 9:48
5 ways to increase company profits without investments

1️⃣ Raise prices. This method is feared by salespeople, marketers and owners themselves: many processes need to be restructured, and there is a risk of losing customers. But this happens only if entrepreneurs delay until profits fall to a minimum and then sharply raise prices by 20%.

2️⃣ Monitor the product line. Usually every company has at least one unnecessarily unprofitable service or product. It may be easy to market and advertise them, but it imposes more obligations that become harder to fulfill over time.

3️⃣ Increase advertising. You need more customers to grow profits, and customers come from advertising. It doesn't work any other way.

4️⃣ Increase the efficiency of employees. In most companies, employees don't plan their work, no one controls them. Introduce simple management tools and your team will work much more efficiently and, at the same time, will not burn out.

5️⃣ Involve department heads in financial management. I have been using this method for the last 15 years. In a company, department heads decide for themselves what to spend money on. They have a better understanding of what the priorities are now and where they can save money.

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Solving Problems
6 июня 2024 г. 18:49
Friends airdrop is very soon but we still have time to accumulate profit per hour to sell all these coins during the listing.

Don't miss this opportunity to earn money, because it's all absolutely free. You can ask questions in the comments or in our chat.

Link to the project:
Solving Problems
6 июня 2024 г. 18:44
Dear CEOs,

Due to the tremendous amount of questions and comments, we want to set the record straight 🧾:

Airdrop will depend on the profit per hour and some other activity parameters that we will reveal later, NOT the coin balance

Play wisely!

We also wanted to let you know that we’re currently experiencing issues with servers. We’re tirelessly working on it and will try to fix it asap so you could enjoy your favorite game!

Hamsters 🐹 are the new whales! 🐳
Solving Problems
6 июня 2024 г. 18:43
A startup in the world of video art spaces! 🎥

A unique place for lovers of digital art and ecology has opened in Dubai - Immersee! Here you will be able to enjoy video art projects, films, participate in immersive programs, yoga and meditation sessions.

Currently available inside is the exhibition “Eight Path Boundless”, telling the amazing stories of 6 heroes from different parts of the world.

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Solving Problems
6 июня 2024 г. 9:41
BYD has unveiled its new Yangwang U9 hypercar for $233,450!

This luxury electric car is designed for the Chinese market and is ready to give a fight to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Accelerating to 100 km/h in 2.36 seconds is what the U9 can do!

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Solving Problems
5 июня 2024 г. 17:42